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EarthClaims provides private, third-party verification services to clients worldwide.  We design and implement comprehensive supply chain oversight systems that verify compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.  Our clients enjoy protected brand integrity and expanded green-market access.



The certification partner you choose is critical to the success of your program. We design and implement verifications of internal or external standards anywhere in the world.


EarthClaims is a leader in third-party verifications for-

  • Animal Welfare

  • Grass-fed claims

  • Antibiotic-free

  • Customized audits to support specific marketing claims


Our Team.

Deep roots. Farm raised.

Our staff shares a combined 200 years of experience in animal culture and farming. EarthClaims auditors are keen to the struggles of working with nature while building viable farming ventures. Key members have dedicated full careers to agricultural compliance and understand the critical need to have strong legal backing for specialized marketing claims.

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Our Producers are everywhere.

We are sensitive to your farming culture.

We are proud to serve pioneering farmers and ranchers across a variety of regions and countries. We are dedicated to robust compliance verification and continuously strive to provide optimized support to our clients in achieving their certification goals.


We work globally with a keen eye for local values and customs. We are adept with the most modern, technologically advanced systems to the age-old farming methods of the Plain people, and everything in between. We provide culturally sensitive support to ensure farmers understand the requirements of the various verification programs, setting them up for success.


Tell us about your farm or ranch in the form below and you will be connected with the EarthClaims Team Member who can best support your certification needs.

Thank you for your inquiry. We will be in touch shortly.

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