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EarthClaims LLC and AngusLink Announce Service Partnership

AngusLink and EarthClaims LLC Announce Service Partnership

Agreement combines American Angus Association offerings with G.A.P. certification.

Producers seeking to document their added value on Angus feeder calves just got a more cost-effective option. EarthClaims, LLC, and the American Angus Association® have reached an agreement to provide bundled verification services. The bundled service includes certification under the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Program (G.A.P.) certification from EarthClaims with options for age and source, Angus-sired genetics, non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) and NeverEver 3 (NE3) verification by AngusLinkSM, a USDA Process Verified Program (PVP). By working together, the companies are able to streamline the enrollment and audit process while offering the programs at a reduced cost.

“AngusLink is growing rapidly as cattlemen look to capture the value of their Angus feeder cattle,” said Mark McCully, American Angus Association CEO. “Now being able to combine G.A.P. certification allows these programs to put more dollars in cattlemen’s pockets.”

The partnership also delivers convenience for busy ranchers.

“EarthClaims and AngusLink business activities are complementary, and producers will enjoy being able to have one auditor perform the G.A.P. audit in conjunction with the NHTC and NeverEver 3 audit,” said Ginette Gottswiller, American Angus Association director of commercial programs.

“We are delighted to join with the American Angus Association to offer combined services,” said Jay Friedman, EarthClaims CEO. “G.A.P. certification brings market premiums in addition to those based on the Association’s excellent PVP programs. Joining with America’s largest breed association to offer EarthClaims’ consumer-centric verifications makes sense and aligns with both our missions.”

EarthClaims is an industry leader in animal welfare third-party verification services and the exclusive provider of G.A.P certification in North America. The American Angus Association is the largest beef breed registry in the U.S. and operates AngusLink, a USDA PVP that verifies age, source, Angus-sired genetics, NHTC, NE3 and Calf Management.

-Written by Rachel Robinson, Angus Communications

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