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Welcome CAPRA!

EarthClaims is proud to welcome CAPRA / Prime Fresh Foods to the G.A.P. program. Over the past couple months, EarthClaims auditors have had the opportunity to meet the producers of this Texas-based cooperative and inspect their operations.

Jake Ruffing, Certification Specialist for EarthClaims, was one of the first inspectors to audit sheep farms under the Capra/Prime Fresh Foods group. His impression of the trip was very positive.

"Conducting inspections of the Capra/Prime Fresh Foods group was an awesome experience. Traveling through Texas to see some premier sheep ranchers was something unique. Each operation did an excellent job utilizing the Dorper breed of sheep in a climate that can be challenging from a forage perspective. "

"The ranchers did a tremendous job making sure their animals can withstand the swings in environment by providing ample shade cover, fresh water access, and areas of plentiful forage The group was so proud of what they could accomplish by working together within their co-op to produce a high-quality product in a sustainable manner. It was both an honor and privilege to perform these initial audits and I look forward to returning during the renewal period."

Thank you to CAPRA / Prime Fresh Foods for trusting us to be your certification agency of choice!

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