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Rosmann Family Farms wins!

MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year Award goes to one of EarthClaim’s certified producers in the Organic Valley group.

Congratulations to Rosmann Family Farms!

We were thrilled to learn that Rosmann Family received this coveted award from the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service at their Annual conference last week. The Rosmann family runs a 700 acre organic fam in Harlan, Iowa. They grow a variety of row crops and forages while also raising cattle, hogs and chickens. Ron and Maria Rosmann began their path to more innovative farming methods when they started conducting on-farm trials in the mid-80s and discovered the importance of using the data to improve their outcomes. Ron has been instrumental in helping further the mission of many sustainable and organic agricultural organizations. The family farms runs under the principles of “Conservation and renewal. Land and people. Innovation and interdependence.” We wish them continued success in their ventures.

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